• ANTIOXIDANTS, OMEGA 3 & PROTEIN RICH SUPER SEEDS- A Healthy Roasted super seeds containing loving warmth of  FLAX seeds which is good for Healthy Heart, helps in reducing fat in liver, Reduces the risk of Heart disease, Helps in boosting immunity, prevents inflammatory diseases, reduces hair fall & good for skin.
  • LOW FAT, LOW CALORIE & GLUTEN FREE PRODUCT- Having Zero Cholesterol & Zero Trans-Fats, it is a Healthy Snack for weight loss and alternative to fried snacks & namkeen
  • SUGAR FREE, DIABETIC FRIENDLY SNACK (LOW IN GLYCEMIC INDEX)- Like other nuts & seeds, this seed mix can be a good alternative for sugar free biscuits for diabetics. These seeds are free from any additive sugar which helps in maintaining insulin level of blood. It also eliminates unhealthy and processed foods from your diet.
  • LEYO FLAX SEEDS ARE TOO YUMMY SNACKS – Munch it on-the-go; in the car or in the office. Have it with your meals or in-between. Can be a topping of your Yogurt, Shakes, Cakes, Salads etc.
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