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“LEYO” Candies are everyone’s favorite around the family. Take a bite and lose yourself in childhood nostalgia. The candies are multi-coloured with a hard texture and kids love it The flavour of our candy is addictive and true to the name. These sugar based hard boiled candies have mouth watering taste loved by kids and adults alike. The sweet, sour and fruity flavors explode in your mouth. Make all your celebrations sweeter with these small cans of sweetness. Make your occasions and parties even more perfect for with these mouth-watering Sweet & tangy candies. These candy packs are a perfect gift idea,ideal party flavors loved by all, these candies packed in a beautiful gift box make the perfect gift for both adults and kids. Treat yourself and your friends and family to the Sweet and Tangy outburst in your mouth and loose yourself to the childhood Nostalgia of the 90’s with our candy. These vintage style hard boiled confectionery is perfect for the anytime sweet cravings. Get our candy pack today for that much required sugar rush. The premium Can packing makes it easy to carry just anywhere- anytime. Indulge in with a Leyo pack today.

Weight 240 g
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